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Dear Friend,

In a recent Poll we discovered:

93% of men wished they could last longer during sex before ejaculating.

Are you one of these men?

I know I was.

And check this out,

89% of all women asked, who admitted to being unfaithful to their male partner, said that they were driven to such an act of betrayal due to their man’s poor performance in bed and in particular, his inability to last long enough to allow her to have a vaginal orgasm!

Can YOU believe it?

That means WOMEN are blaming MEN for their own CHEATING!

We have also found that 8 out of 10 men can only last for 2 minutes or less before he ejaculates during penetration (this is not long enough for most women to have an orgasm).

Looks as if it’s true, women really do dump men
who can’t keep them satisfied any longer.

"Looks as if it’s true, women really do dump men who can’t keep them satisfied any longer.

My chick took off and hooked up with this dude who has been checking her out for months I was completely bummed out like you can’t believe. She told me not to worry about him or any other dude out there, that she loved me and would always be loyal. I just couldn’t imagine that the woman who I loved could suddenly kick me right in the crotch like that, especially when I was going through such an emotionally draining problem as finding myself cumming almost within moments of initial penetration.

Well the good news is, the whole “getting dumped” experience made me fess up to myself and admit I had a problem, and now 4 months after my signing up with Prejaculation.com, I’m seeing three different babes, and my erections are actually already lasting 30 minutes plus! Needless to say, I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and so thankful to have seen that bitch for who she really is, before I married her and now I have 3 girlfriends who are all totally cool and a lot more fun than my ex.

Thanks Guys"

Stephen J.
Seattle, WA.

ArE you sick and tired of the constant Frustration and Embarrassment of cumming “waaaaay tooooo sooooon?”

There’s nothing worse than that embarrassing sensation of “blowing your wad” long before your lady even begins to start vibrating. The look of disappointment and occasionally anger, is more than most men can deal with, without feeling about 2 inches tall and ducking for cover from the shame!

These ladies may sometimes seem to be sympathetic and understanding of your situation, but in truth, what you don’t realize, is that many of them are feeling frustrated RIGHT NOW, unsatisfied, sexually incomplete and some are even secretly “Pi**ed Off” about the situation, and they are looking for a solution or a new alternative to their cir-CUM-stance!

The woman (or women) in your life could be secretly desiring, or maybe even searching for other men RIGHT NOW who can fulfil all her needs sexually!

What If She’s Been Faking Her Orgasms, Just To Save Face And Get Through The Whole Damned Dilemma Without An Ugly Confrontation?

What If You’ve Never Given Her A “REAL” Orgasm At All?

Hey, I completely understand what you are going through.

Not so very long ago, I was right there with you! I was lucky enough that my work placed me in a position where I was meeting tons of totally hot and sexy women, and by working shoulder to shoulder with them on a daily basis, it was only natural for us to go out to dinner and have a few drinks after work, at least a couple of times a week.

You know the score, drinks flow, conversation leads to the occasional touch, then the well planned “Rub and Hug,” one thing leads to another, etc.

I could get them home, I could get them into bed, I could get them naked and I could get them as excited as all hell, … but then that’s where the problem began...

You see, I was suffering from what I called “Premature-Premature Ejaculation,” meaning a guy my age, with my energy and love of life, just shouldn’t be hanging on for dear life to last more than a couple of minutes inside of a “hot piece of action!”

But that was the reality of my situation, and it sucked!

So, like any smart guy who doesn’t want to permanently give up on sex decades before he needs to, I decided to do something about it.

Believe me, I tried anything and everything, as I was completely frustrated, totally embarrassed, running out of women who didn’t KNOW about my "little problem" (trust me, WOMEN TALK!) and desperate to do something right away, to save my sex life before my reputation was absolute mud!

Like I said, I tried it all...

Premature Ejaculation Cures I Tried
Premature Ejaculation Pills They had little to no effect on me and didn't help at all when I tried them.
Premature Ejaculation Spray Numbed my penis. Not only could I not enjoy sex while using this type of product because of the lack of feeling but I found it difficult to stay erect for long enough due to the lack of stimulation.
Premature Ejaculation Gels and Creams From horrible burning sensations to little effect at all, I found most of what I tried wholly inneffective or at the very best - temporary solutions that wore off too soon.
Premature Ejaculation Booklets and Methods Same old "hold and squeeze" methods that everybody knows about. Just didn't work well enough for me, too basic.
*No product names have been mentioned here for obvious legal reasons, be rest assured I tried many of the big name products and lesser known brands - none were that effective for me - although results vary so please take a look at the other methods if you wish and return here if/when you find they didn't work as well as you'd have liked.

...and to be completely open and honest with you, I wasn’t impressed or inspired by what I experienced with all of those products in the slightest.

Nothing worked as well as it should have, if it even worked at all!

Basically, at that point, I just got more and more depressed, and eventually stopped going out with the ladies after work, or any time at all, for that matter. I started shying away from women altogether and the thought of sex terrified me. It had got THAT bad!

I admit it, it was so damned depressing to finally have to look myself in the mirror and face up to the facts that I just simply wasn’t able to “drive the point home” with the ladies, without having the radiator overheat and blow a hose, “leaking-out” while coming to a dead stop, long before arriving at their front door!

It was embarrassing and painful, and to be completely honest with you, I was scared out of my wits that my sex life was coming to a tragic early ending. I tried for months to blame it on everything from the weather to the news reports before bedtime, but it was no use.

I was officially in “No Man’s Land,” lost in the jungle and sinking deep into the quagmire collapsing below my feet.

I needed help, and I needed help NOW!

Then with great timing, a photographer friend of mine told me about a few so called “Sexperts” who were available to do private, personal “one-on-one” sessions with men in similar predicaments, sharing with these clients a wide collection of easy to apply, simple “step-by-step” techniques, tips and strategies that were absolutely guaranteed to help make a man last anywhere from 3 to 10 times longer during intercourse, and in a period of time as short as a mere week or less! WOW! That definitely got my attention.

So I checked it out, met with all three gentlemen, and eventually booked a set of sessions with two of the three teachers who struck me as being the most knowledgeable, honest, legitimate and completely sincere. Classes began, and...

...MAN WAS I AMAZED at what was possible after even a single session...

After giving their methods a try and seeing just how amazingly and consistently effective they are, I knew I had to share the wealth and bring this truth to the entire world.

I wanted to make sure that every guy who felt the horror, embarrassment, frustration, shame and pain of feeling it all just seem to “slip away forever,” would get the same chance that I got, to get it all back and then some.

Needless to say, after my "last longer" studies, my social life began to fill up again as my confidence returned, but this time with mega-satisfaction for both myself, and my now fully satisfied and gratified partners. It was a brand new world, and I was a brand new man, having a total blast within that wondrous wild wanton world!

I couldn't believe it, I'd tried EVERY big name product I could find, and NONE of them worked - stumbling across such a simple solution was the best thing that EVER happened to me!

I decided right there and then, the WORLD needed to know about these techniques - and I was just the man to tell them!

After much attempted convincing and some solemn promises to be completely true to the spirit of the methodology, I was granted permission by both of my teachers to lay this vital and valuable information all out for easy understanding and immediate simple application, and that is how “Prejaculation.com” came to be.

Since then, it has been my personal MISSION to bring this important “Prejac” information to every man out there who suffers from this horrifically diminishing malady, as well as the concerned and caring women who want to do whatever they can to help their once virile stallions regain the power, stamina, confidence and ability in bed that once was a regular part of their lives.

Thank God those "premature ejaculation" days are over for me

Now my mission in life is to make “Prejaculation.com” available to every single guy out there going through a similar personal tragedy, like I did. That’s why the price is so low and the value so high; to make sure it is easily and readily available to absolutely everyone who truly needs it, regardless of age, occupation, income or station in life.

This is my way of helping those who men out there who are now desperately seeking sexual solutions to a devastatingly debilitating problem, just like I once was. It’s the very least I can do.


"Wow, what can I say, this is without a doubt the greatest day of my life. I am so thankful for all the amazing stuff you guys have taught me..."

"...Oh My God! It was like a miracle from heaven. My erection was not only much harder than usual, but I lasted 25 minutes, which embarrassingly enough, is about 10 times longer than normal..."

"...Thanks for info and the new-found confidence! You guys are the greatest."

Jimmy V.
Atlanta Ga.


Would you like your woman to STOP secretly thinking of you as “Mr. Minute Man?”

Instead, Make her start dreaming & creaming about you as “Mr. Marathon Man!”

Thankfully, at “Prejaculation.com,” there is a permanent and simple solution that can start working for you TODAY, helping you to last 3 to 10 times longer instantly and progressive improvement over the next few days! And then you will last even longer and longer over the coming weeks.


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That’s right, and I'll say it again...

A guaranteed way to easily learn how to last anywhere from 3 to 10 times longer, pleasing your partner by no longer cumming too early...

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Not only that, but this simple and effective solution to your Premature Ejaculation problem is completely all-natural, with absolutely no adverse side effects, or any possible chance of addiction, or building up an immunity and developing a never satiated need to keep taking more,

…and more,

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…and more!

Say “goodbye" to early ejaculations forever, as you learn the most efficient and effective ways to become the “Sex Stud Stallion” that you’ve always dreamed of one day being, and who your lover has always dreamed of one day finding!

The Answer is right here, right NOW!

O.K. - So What Exactly Is

I'm glad you asked!

Prejaculation.com is a “Membership Access Only” website that presents an entire collection of only the MOST efficiently effective, all natural methods to “over-cum” premature ejaculation, easily, inexpensively and permanently! And it lays them all out in a simple to follow, step-by-step way that anybody can get to grips with - quickly!

No crazy chants, hypnotic spells, voodoo rituals, or religious tenants to perform or adhere to, just time tested, proven to work, guaranteed “premature Ejaculation” solutions, expressed in a manner as easy to understand as your “A-B-C’s” and as simple to apply as a child’s “paint by number” play-set!

No fluff, no filler... Just time tried and tested rock-solid information that will explode your sex life and end your bedroom troubles.

Make sense?

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Your website is the greatest! My boyfriend started having some “staying power” problems last year, and by the time his birthday rolled around this year, it had progressed to the point where he didn’t even want his “Special Birthday Surprise” I had planned for him, if you know what I mean!"

"... I felt completely comfortable, and right at home. The information was really in-depth, but so easy to understand, that someone with a 5th grade reading level could get through the material with complete ease..."

"...More importantly, as a woman, I wasn’t “grossed out” by a bunch of disgusting “dirty talk” or made to feel like a cheap, worthless, two-dimensional lust object..."

"...Thanks Prejac, You’re the greatest!"

Lisa R.
Portland, ME


Ok, so check out what Prejaculation.com will do for you

Here’s just a small list of what you can expect to be getting out of your Prejaculation.com Membership:

The Benefits:

  • Easily DOUBLE your time it takes you to ejaculate INSTANTLY with a simple tip that you SHOULD know, but I bet you don't... that will blow you away!

  • Within 24 hours increase your love-making duration 2 to 3 times... Permanently by understanding our PoNR techniques!

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  • Eliminate premature ejaculation forever

  • Permanently improve your lovemaking abilities

  • Learn to keep control even when you're on the brink of exploding

  • End performance anxiety

  • It can be practised alone, so you don't need your woman present

  • Increase your erection strength and duration - get and maintain a ROCK hard, steal pipe erection every time for up to an hour and beyond using our advanced "PC Workouts"

  • Gain TOTAL control over exactly WHEN you ejaculate... Want to last 47 minutes and 13 seconds and ejaculate on demand precisely on cue? Great - You will discover how with the unique "Advanced Multi-Edge Sliding" methods!

  • Designed for use during intercourse not just prior to it

  • Instantly stop ejaculation at any point you feel you have gone too far enabling you to continue on and on and on...

  • Discover the best sex positions for extended love-making - maximum duration and pleasure
  • Learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation so you can keep going again and again

  • Solve the mental as well as physical problems associated with premature ejaculation

  • Have a harder, thicker, fuller erection every time so you fill her to the best of your ability every time touching nerve endings she didn't think she had

  • Learn and understand the sexual benefits of natural nutrition and how it can help you in the bedroom

  • You will witness immense improvements in yourself with massively increased sexual energy and stamina - make love with the "GO" of a teenager!
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  • You will have Longer and more explosive extended orgasms and be able to give her them too!

  • Recover quickly after ejaculation or eliminate the need to recover at all - ready time and time again!

  • Take your self-confidence and confidence in the sack to astronomic proportions. You will get good in bed, and you'll know you are!

  • Last long enough to please her, again and again, every time

And Get this...

Prejaculation.com is:

  • 100% natural, no pills, no potions, no lotions

  • Over 160 pages (not a poorly produced pamphlet like others sell)

  • Fully guaranteed results or your money back! 6 week guarantee!

  • Not expensive at all, one-time fee

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  • 100% Unique techniques exclusive to this site

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That’s just a very small taste of what all is waiting for you here inside our Special Prejaculation.com Membership Site, and the most exciting thing about it, is that your membership is a “LIFE-LONG MEMBERSHIP,” for a one-off payment meaning you are never asked for another single penny for the rest of your life, and you will continue to get all additions and updates that are posted to the site, at NO EXTRA COST to you EVER!

That’s just how committed I am to ensuring that I am offering you by far, the Greatest Deal available, anywhere!


All without the “Hocus Pocus” B.S of “Snake Oil Salesmen’s” Magic Elixirs, Expensive and Ineffective Pills, and their Wacky Witches Brews and Potions!

Don’t miss this opportunity to finally set things straight. You and your partner deserve to enjoy long sessions of intimate, erotic pleasure without the nervousness, worry and panic that you are going to “blow your wad” by the end of the first quarter!

Take your situation firmly in hand before it gets the best of you.

You’ll kick your self in the ass if you let this once in a lifetime chance get away from you, and your lover may kick your ass right out of bed and the relationship.

Can You Honestly Risk Waiting Any Longer Before Doing Something About This?

I don’t have to tell you that this is only going to get worse if you don’t do something about it right now. I know you already know, because all of us guys who have gone down this road before you went through the exact same phases of denial.

You want to believe it is a short-term, temporary situation created by a stressful situation at work, or it’s simply your reaction to a less than adorable attitude that’s lately been forced upon you by your lady. Or maybe it’s just a lack of enough sleep, or worrying too much about money, or focusing on getting ahead with the career. And when I get that promotion, when I have that money in the bank, when I get a chance to sleep over the weekend, when my woman stops acting like such a bitch, when I can find a workable compromise on that situation at work, then everything is going to go right back to being all better again. RIGHT?

Hey, I understand, we’ve all been there. If you want to keep telling yourself that pile of crap, that’s up to you, but if you really, honestly, truly want to finally actually “DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT,” then we here at Prejaculation.com are ready, willing and able to start helping you IMMEDIATELY!

"Isn’t It Time That You Finally Get the Simple Step-By-Step instructions You NEED To Quickly Go From A Few Pump and Squirt Minutes, to The Earth Shaking Mega-Star Lover Who Confidently Encroaches Upon The Sacred Hour Barrier With The Expertise And Stamina Of A Sexual Superman?"

Why choose Prejaculation.com over the other premature ejaculation cure sites out there?

Many sites are simply selling medicinal concoctions that are ineffective, addictive, or have lots of unwanted and dangerous physical and medical side effects.

Others are selling Mantras and Meditations, wild, weird and wacky words that you repeat like a voodoo chant, that supposedly magically “fix your dicks.”

A lot of sites are merely repackaging the same old “Hold It – Squeeze It” method from the 1950’s.

Several take your hard earned money, only to simply tell you to learn to think about something else while making love, something sick and disgusting, something that will effectively stop you from really enjoying the moment and naturally responding to the pleasures of what you are doing - that alone will not help you.

We think there should be more to sex than that. It should be completely satisfying, a near religious experience of complete physical, mental and emotional ecstasy. A swim through the oceans of ultimate erotic, nirvanic pleasures! Anything less than that; simply isn’t real sex.

You are miracle workers, thank you!

Sadly, after years of being able to fully please and satisfy my wife of 37 years, I recently discovered that my erections were not quite has hard any longer, and that I was suddenly ejaculating after only a few minutes, which was quite alarming and disappointing to us both.

Stupidly, being in a panic, I started trying some of the numerous pills and tablets available online, only to discover that not only did they NOT WORK, but according to my doctor, they were doing horrific damage to my stomach, kidneys, and blood pressure.

During a much needed chat with my church Pastor, he told me about your website and the amazingly helpful information that was available online, without prescriptions, or drugs, and I decided that this might be the answer I was looking for.

Sirs, things have never been so great in all my life. At 64 years of age, I feel like a teenager again, and my darling wife, who does not like me to reveal her age, is acting like a young schoolgirl. We have only been members for 2 months, but I assure you we are staying for the “long-haul!”

You are miracle workers, thank you!


Don L.


So we tell you the secrets of how to experience the wonderment of making love, while maintaining the ability to keep it going strong for 20, 30, 45 minutes...

...or even hone in on that “dream cum true”1 hour mark...

My sex-life is better and more fulfilling now than it was when I was in my teens and early 20’s, and not only do my erections now last me 4 to 5 times longer...

But my penis size and volume of explosive semen has increased as well making me appear to have found the famous and forbidden fountain of youth!

It’s simply up to you to choose to finally, actually, really, truly do something about it, yes for the pleasure, satisfaction and long-lasting appreciation of your woman, but more importantly, FOR YOURSELF!

Isn’t It Time To End Your Premature Ejaculation Tragedy Once And For All, As You Learn To Truly Master Your Own Sexual Fate With Powerful Orgasms On Command?

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